Glogster! Try it out :-)

In this post, I’ll suggest a Web 2.0 tool that my students really love using! GlogsterEdu allows you to create your online, interactive posters called Glogs!

Students can browse through the rich, built-in collection of graphics, experiment by dragging and dropping items on their Glog, import their own photos or favourite songs, add videos from the Web or even record a video on the spot! They can also create dynamic images- ‘hotspots’ (by embedding hyperlinks), draw as well as write their text while playing with different fonts and colours! Once students have completed their Glogs, they can share them in multiple ways:

  • email Glogs to the teacher.
  • embed them in their classroom’s blog, in a wiki or webpage.
  • post them to Facebook, Edmodo or Twitter.

Teachers can set up an account here: There are free (or not) licences for individual teachers and multilicences for schools at affordable prices. In general, GlogsterEdu provides a safe online learning environment since teachers can generate student accounts with safe logins and passwords and monitor all students’ activities through the teacher’s dashboard.

Below you’ll find the Glog I created in order to introduce myself to you and show you the wonderful things one can do with this tool in practice! Just roll your mouse over it to discover all the dynamic icons and click on them to see what they are ‘hiding’ :-)!

Alternatively, you could ask students to use GlogsterEdu :

  • to create presentations on any topic (e.g present their country’s customs and traditions- nice idea for multicultural classrooms).
  • to make an online poster of a memorable trip or their Christmas/ summer holidays.
  • to make an online poster of their favourite film, including a written review, a trailer, images, short interviews of the protagonists e.t.c.
  • to create the digital cover of a magazine for teenagers or a newspaper front page.

Good luck!!! Hope you’ll enjoy this creative learning experience as much as my students and I have ;-)!

All the best,